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Cash Registers for Bars

If you own a bar and are looking for a cash register then this range of cash registers are perfect for you
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Cash Registers for Bars

The Cash Register Group offers a variety of great cash tills which are perfect for any bar environment, whether that be a cocktail bar, nightclub, college bar, snooker club or even a sports bar. If you sell in the hospitality sector, we have the perfect cash register for you. Whether you’re after a cheap, affordable and functional bar till or a more advanced programmable cash register with card functionality for your nightclub, we have the right solution for you.

We have a range of bar tills that are the perfect fit for your hospitality business due to their fantastic features that can help speed up your service to your customers. Thermal printers are three times faster than conventional printers, helping during busier services. All tills feature programmable hot keys that you can link to specific foods or beverages for even speedier entries into the cash registers, with the larger all-in-one EPOS systems being able to hold endless programmable keys and variations for your menu. Some of our tills also have a special clerk interrupt feature, which is fantastic for busy clubs and bars where multiple staff members use one till at the same time.

Look no further than our bar-specific cash registers for all your needs. If you like the look of any of the bar systems we have on offer, we provide speedy next day delivery, as well as a 12-month manufacturer warranty on all cash register tills for that piece of mind. If the programming set-up for your drinking establishment seems like too much hassle, that’s something we can take care of too. If you have questions or need to ask about specific tills or features then please give us a call, we have a dedicated knowledgeable team who are more than happy to help you.

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Very good customer service, quick delivery. Louise was very professional and helpful when programming the till. A couple of little blips when we first used it, spoke to Shane who was very helpful, talked me through the programming and resolved all issues.


We are very happy with the till, quick delivery, excellent service recommended


quality product and fast shipping

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